• A soft cheese made from whole cow milk with a fragrant rind
  • A soft cheese that is slightly salty, creamy and supple.
  • A chalky interior with a stronger, aged taste under the rind.
  • In young cheeses: a lactic taste with the flavour of crème fraîche
  • In cheeses that have aged longer: a mouldy taste, mixed with a buttery and nutty flavour

Good quality whole cow’s milk, some lactic ferments, a hint of animal rennet and a pinch of salt.

  • An ancestral recipe dating from the Middle Ages
  • The first written records date from the XVth century
  • A renowned cheese recognised as (PDO) since 1970
  • This cheese owes its name to a village in Aube, in the heart of Chaource Protected Designation of Origin area.
  • A cheese that holds its own among other prestigious French cheeses.
  • On a slice of toast
  • Paired with a glass of Porto or Champagne as an aperitif, or in a small portion as a snack

The cheese’s exceptional character comes from the cows (which graze in the Champagne wetlands), time-honoured expertise and an unchanging recipe.

Our Chaource is available :

  • in 250g and 500g sizes
  • raw milk, heat-treated milk and pasteurised milk
  • under Hugerot and Lincel labels

Carte_Chaource-cut-Chaource (PDO) Map – From : INAO / IGBC