In 1895, we began to produce our cheeses in Gaye, in the Marne region. Due to a lack of neighbouring dairies, the Fromagerie Lincet moved to Saligny in 1957. Today, our headquarters are still located in the small village of Saligny, in Yonne.

Lucien Lincet was one of the first to understand the importance of food safety. In 1930, he implemented washable earthenware surface in all the production rooms.

Jean Lincet, his son, directed his efforts at collecting enough milk for production during moments of great difficulty after World War II.

Didier Lincet succeeded his father in 1989, carrying on the family values: tradition of small-scale production, faithfulness in the supply chain, quality cheeses. .
Today, Didier Lincet’s goal is to develop the notion of an industry, to invest and to open new markets in France and abroad.

1960- Milk curdling system invented by Jean Lincet


Passed down from generation to generation, the expertise of cheese-making is the Lincet family legacy.

Recipes are still the same, despite modernised methods: cow’s milk, collected nearby, a pinch of salt, lactic ferments and rennet to curdle the milk.

A respect for tradition, original recipes, and attention to detail are our best allies in making quality cheeses day after day.

From milk to cheese, we conduct no less than 40 tests to ensure we offer the best quality.

2015- Curdling system in stainless steel container


Flavour, nature and tradition, brought together to make good quality food!. This phrase summarises well our commitment.
More than a slogan, it is our guiding principle.

We want to offer consumers a more intelligent nutrition. To choose a Lincet cheese is to share our convictions.

  • Human values
  • Reducing our environmental impact
  • Quality without compromise
  • Excellence each day
2015- Lactic curdling in a mould


France is undoubtedly the land of cheese.

In 2015 we exported 34% of our production around the world. Main destinations included: Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States.

We export our cheeses around the world.
You can find them in Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Australia and many other countries.

Our products are sold in quality stores or used by renowned chefs. They contribute to the promotion of French culture.

2015- Photo taken in San Francisco


We have brainstormed on ways to reduce the number of trucks passing through villages and reduce the number of miles we travel to make deliveries to our customers. This thought process led to the creation of the GJ Refrigeration Services. .

GJ Services

Our objective has not changed: to reduce our environmental impact while insuring an optimal delivery system..

Since 2009, we have had our own logistics hub near Troyes.
This refrigeration warehouse measuring 5,000 m² is shared with other companies in the region. This allows us to further reduce our carbon footprint.

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2015- Our logistical hub


“We must first remain humble when it comes to the complexity of this wonderful resource that is milk. The family tradition of cheese-making, and my experience at the cheese-making school in Poligny taught me to observe and to try to understand the miracle of life which transforms milk into cheese.

The art of cheese-making lies in taming the living elements in the milk and then the cheese so we may deliver it untouched to the consumers around the world.

It is our men, women and milk producers who mobilise each day in our cheese dairies in order to offer the best products available.

Along with my wife Juliette, in the field of Human Resources, we wish to share our passion with the next generation, which will, I hope, take over from us one day”.


Didier Lincet and his father Jean Lincet