Chaource (PDO), Époisses (PDO), Brillat Savarin, Soumaintrain, Saint Florentin, Délice de Bourgogne: cheeses synonymous with French taste and refinement.
Though our expertise has improved and our methods have been modernised, our cheese-making recipe has not changed since 1895. Our only goal: striving for excellence in our products.

We are proud to make authentic cheeses, refined by time and whose taste and smell can vary by season.
We want to bring you into our universe, describe their taste and invite you to discover their history and familiarise you with the creation process.

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A lactic taste, a mould scent and a creamy texture – our Chaource smells like whole cow’s milk.

Our Époisses will seduce you with its unique character stemming from its flowery scent and bold, fruity taste.

Whole cow’s milk, a hint of cream, the right amount of salt…Our Brillat Savarin has a creamy and delicate texture.

Remarkably smooth with a creamy centre, its characteristic lactic taste… There are two reasons to try our Soumaintrain.

A light texture, a light interior, cream flavour, a little hint of butter…It comes in various sizes to alternate life’s little pleasures.

Find our Burgundian specialties (Saint Florentin), specialities from Champagne (Fromage de Troyes) and our creamy flavoured cheeses (Délice Papaya, etc.) An original palette of flavours to seduce your tastebuds…

“The art of the cheese-maker is about dominating the living elements in the milk so they remain intact as we deliver it to consumers around the world.”



Discover the cheese

We have grown since 1895, but our values haven't changed: the love for a well-made product is still our main priority.
Today we make cheese on three sites:

  • - Lincet cheese dairy in Saligny. Our main site where we fabricate Chaource (PDO), triple creams like Brillat Savarin and the Délice de Bourgogne, as well as other excellent cheeses.
  • - Vaudes cheese dairy in the village of Vaudes (exclusively for Chaource (PDO));
  • - Gaugry cheese dairy in Brochon. Here, we make all cheeses with a washed rind (Epoisses (PDO) Soumaintrain, Rond des Vignes, etc.)

We also have a logistical hub shared with other SMEs in the Aube region,
which allows us to limit the number of trucks on the roads of our beautiful country.
The Lincet cheese dairy owes its name to the Lincet family. After five generations of cheese-making, they show no sign of stopping...

Discover the cheese dairy

  • 5 th generation
  • 180 employees
  • 3 manufacturing locations
  • 4000 tons of cheese per year

Our territory

Based in the towns of Saligny, Vaudes
and Brochon, the Fromagerie Lincet is located in the heart
of a region which unites the cheese-making traditions
of Champagne and Burgundy.

Everything about our territory

Chaource Milk producer for Lincet, Fabien Millard (GAEC in Corbières)


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    Fromagerie LINCET
    15 rue de la quennevelle 89100 Saligny
    Manufacturing of Chaources (PDO) and triple creams
    (Brillat Savarin, Délice de Bourgogne, etc.)

    Fromagerie GAUGRY
    74 route nationale 21220 Brochon
    Manufacturing of washed rind cheeses
    (Epoisses (PDO), Soumaintrain, Rond des Vignes, etc.)

    Fromagerie de Vaudes
    5 Grande Rue 10260 Vaudes
    Manufacturing of Chaources (PDO)

    3 B rue du moulin 89100 Saligny
    Affinage of goat’s cheese

    GJ Services Froid (plateforme logistique)
    Rue des Basses Terres Z.I. 10440 Torvilliers
    Logistical hub