• Soft cheese made from cow’s milk with a washed rind (brine)
  • A light beige-coloured rind with slight folds due to its many washes
  • An ivory, yellowy interior
  • A light beige interior
  • A delicate, lactic aroma
  • A soft cheese with a creamy texture
  • A flavour balanced by melt-in-your-mouth smoothness
  • A touch of lactic acidity
  • An intense and persistent ‘animal’ flavour
  • Varying intensity of vegetable flavour, depending on the season
  • Persistent flavours in the mouth

Good quality whole cow’s milk, some lactic fermentation agents, a hint of animal rennet, a pinch of salt…

  • This cheese owes its name to a small village in Yonne
  • The Soumaintrain also benefits from a well-established reputation. In ‘La bonne Ménagère Agricole’, a publication on agricultural practices first appearing in 1889, the Soumaintrain is described as “the best cheese in the country”
  • A cheese that will be appreciated by cheese lovers
  • On a slice of gingerbread
  • Red wine (pinot noir) from Côtes de Nuit or Irancy

Whole cow’s milk, a hand rub with brine and its affinage process give this cheese its particular character.

Our Soumaintrain is available:

  • in a 250g size
  • made from pasteurised milk

Aire de production du Soumaintrain

Carte Soumaintrain – Source : INAO / IGBC