• A soft cheese made with whole cow’s milk, washed with Marc de Bourgogne (local Marc brandy)
  • Orangey-light brown, with a slightly wrinkled rind
  • The cheese is light beige in colour, slightly salty, smooth and supple
  • A crumbly centre with a stronger, aged taste under the rind
  • A strong smell with a pronounced earthy flavour
  • A balanced taste with fruity tones

Good quality whole cow’s milk, some lactic fermentation agents, a hint of animal rennet, a pinch of salt and a dash of Marc de Bourgogne!

  • Since the XVIth century, written records have narrated the making of Époisses
  • In 1991, it was certified PDO
  • This cheese owes its name to the village of Côte d’Or, in the heart of the region
  • A cheese that will be popular among cheese lovers
  • On a slice of gingerbread
  • Red Burgundy wine (Pinot Noir) such as Gevrey Chambertin, Clos Vougeot, etc.

Whole cow’s milk, a manual rub with Marc de Bourgogne and a classic recipe give this cheese its characteristic look.

Our Epoisses is available :

  • in 250g and 800g sizes
  • made from pasteurized or raw milk (under the Gaugry brand)

Carte Epoisse
Epoisses (PDO) – From : INAO / IGBC